Priority Research Area

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Major societal realities billionaire casino reviewimpacting our future include an increased global demand for energy and resources, the emergence of megacities, an aging and deteriorating built infrastructure and insufficient access to water. These challenges will require new oil and gas exploration and production technologies; new energy generation, storage, distribution and conservation technologies that both maintain our economic competitiveness and protect the environment; better approaches for water reuse and development of new water sources; safe, efficient, reliable and resilient built environments; and responsible, effective Billionaire casinoresponses to climate change that promote sustainability and help preserve our environment.

Research Focus Areas
  • New technologies to support sustainable growth of cities
  • Innovation in water, transportation, energy and environment
  • Novel approaches for evaluating and extending the service life of infrastructure systems
  • New technologies to expand and enhance the extraction of hydrocarbons

The Future of Energy

See how the Cockrell School of Engineering is leading the future of energy, from alternative energy solutions like solar and hydrogen, emissions modeling, carbon capture and beyond.

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