Undergraduate engineering students can gain significant technical experience in industry before graduation through both internships and the Cooperative Engineering Education Program, or Co-op, an experiential learning program. Students who participate in engineering internships and the Co-op Program are able to explore career interests and have a competitive advantage when looking for a full-time position upon graduation.


Co-op students complete at least one summer and one long semester of full-time work with the same employer, billionaire casino free chipsreceive one or two hours of letter-grade credit per work term and earn a competitive salary.

By integrating multiple semesters of engineering work experience with on-campus study, co-op students enhance their classroom knowledge through practical application of theories to real-world problems. Co-op students explore specific interests within their academic discipline and refine their post-graduation goals. At the same time, co-op allows students to earn a competitive salary, which can be used to help finance their education.

Returning to the same employer for subsequent experiences gives students access to more challenging and in-depth projects while building a long-term relationship with the employer. It also allows co-op employers to evaluate potential permanent hires over an extended period of time, provides a continual pipeline of bright engineers and a cost-effective method for completing engineering tasks.

I truly believe that doing a co-op is one of the most important things Billionaire casino slots 777a student can do to enhance their education and marketability after graduation.

Billionaire casino slots 777: For Co-op Application specifics, visit ENGR Direct Students.

Employers: For more information, visit our employer page for Co-ops and Internships.



An internship is an opportunity for a student of any classification to gain valuable, paid work experience. Interns work full-time during the summer and commit to work with an employer for one summer only. Students may apply to work with a different employer each summer to expand their horizons even more.

As early as the summer after their freshman year, students can begin an internship with an employer. Sophomores and juniors are especially encouraged to build a good resume by gaining internship experience. In addition to exposure to technical training, interns gain knowledge of an employer work environment, office etiquette and typical day-to-day challenges and projects.

These experiences offer short-term and long-term Billionaire casino slots 777gains. Students earn a salary, gain professional experience to complement their academic studies and explore career interests within their majors. When they graduate and seek permanent employment, their resumes reflect industry experience, giving them a competitive advantage. Often, students receive permanent job offers from employers for which they have interned.

Benefits of Internships

  • Enhance engineering education with work experience
  • Explore career interests within field of study
  • Earn a competitive salary
  • Refine job search skills
  • Network with corporate employees and fellow students
  • Become familiar with the corporate environment
  • Learn about employers and organizational culture before graduation
  • Assess interest in specific engineering fields and majors

How to Get Involved

  • Register with the Engineering Career Assistance Center (ECAC) and create a resume
  • Participate in on-campus interviews
  • Attend career fairs and information sessions
  • Network with recruiters and fellow students
  • Participate in on-campus recruiting