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Billionaire casino slots 777 From academic and specialty websites to social media campaigns to banner advertising to email marketing, we use our online channels to distribute a variety of content types efficiently and effectively.

Website Development

Cockrell School Marketing and Communications launched a completely redesigned and reimagined website in 2019, after nearly 10 years since the previous site launch. Subsequently, we began aligning our academic department and program websites with the new site, developing a consistent and distinct style. As the primary marketing channel for the school, our website has the most essential information for our prospective audiences and serves as a home base for our storytelling content that illustrates the experiences of a Texas Engineer.

The Marketing and Communications team provides consultation, content development, programming and maintenance for many web projects across the school. There are several options in the Cockrell School and billionaire casino free chipsat UT for developing new or redesigned websites.

To discuss an upcoming website project or to request updates to an existing website, please contact our web and content development team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Quick Tips

Websites need to be:

  • Responsive, with the ability to scale and function based on various screen sizes, especially on mobile phones and tablets
  • Accessible, following the standards and best practices that make websites and the information on them easily consumable by people with disabilities
  • Organized logically and effectively, utilizing keywords and search terms for SEO
  • Useful, credible, findable and valuable, providing a smooth and enjoyable experience for users throughout their journey

Visit for additional information about accessibility, security, usability and more.

Social Media

The Cockrell School's social media channels feature our in-the-moment, what's-happening-now content and information, in addition to social-specific stories highlighting the projects and accomplishments of our students, faculty, staff and alumni. We billionaire casino free chipsalso use social media to amplify the voices of our community members, often letting others "take over" our channels to talk about and share experiences directly from their own perspectives.

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Video and Audio Production

As supplemental and standalone content pieces, we use videos and audio clips to tell stories and provide important information in more visual or auditory ways. We produce many videos in-house, frequently collaborating with our colleagues in Cockrell's Faculty Technology Studio, as well as contract with or recommend outside video production companies.

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Quick Tips

In producing videos and audio pieces or podcasts:

  • Develop an outline and structure for the piece — how will you start it, transition each point and wrap it up at the end
  • Make sure the audio is clear, and find a narrator/voiceover presenter who is comfortable and articulate
  • Use captioning, as required to follow accessibility standards
  • Find free or unlicensed music or stock footage to avoid any potential copyright infringements
  • Tips for recording at home with Zoom

Email Marketing

We produce a variety Billionaire casino slots 777of email messages for our audiences — monthly newsletters, leadership updates, major announcements, event invitations and more, primarily utilizing UT's two main email marketing platforms: Emma (for official, internal messages) and Eloqua (for internal and external marketing messages). Email marketing is the most direct channel for communicating with our community.

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Quick Tips

When developing email campaigns:

  • Keep the copy/text concise, scannable and engaging
  • Write a punchy but descriptive subject line to draw recipients in while setting the expectation of what they're opening
  • Use relevant, compelling and crisp imagery to support the message, whether a photo, illustration or simple graphic element
  • For marketing emails, include an unsubscribe option or method for recipients to manage their subscription

Visit for information on UT-level templates in both email marketing platforms.

Additional Digital Channels

Whether we purchase banner ads, utilize our own on-campus screens and kiosks or support our events team with digital marketing, Cockrell Marketing and Communications provides visuals, templates and messages, in addition Billionaire casino slots 777to consultation as needed, for any digital channel or platform.


Have a question or need our assistance?

Contact Cockrell School Marketing and Communications at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..